Founder Sarah Maskell  found her love for all things artistic through her parents, and then went on to work as a Prince 2 project manager. Later merging the two skills Sarah brought together her artistic flare, attention to detail and organisation – allowing her to both design and deliver projects to the highest standards.

Now working with a team of artists and a carefully selected palette of interior brands White Circle create designs which are truly unique.

Adding value to our and clients through interiors is what we do



Passionate, creative and acutely organised. Abby ensures the highest level of detail is applied to all aspect of a project, delivering on time and in budget everytime!

Abby carries great skill in her efficiency, working at the highest level of detail for our clients, ensuring we deliver absolutely every element needed to provide a truly bespoke and considered solution.

Nothing is too much trouble….


Matthew draws together all the professional skills needed to oversee and manage our project installations. With a wealth of experience as an installation engineer, linked with trade knowledge in project management. Matt has a keen eye for precision and a skilled hand at installation works on site.


Born in London to Norwegian parents, Magnus Gjoen grew up in Switzerland, Denmark, Italy as well as in the UK. As a contemporary artist Gjoen has exhibited worldwide and questions the notions of beauty by juxtaposing a range of styles and media, incorporating a street and pop aesthetic with a fine art approach.

Gjoen’s art offers a modern spin on old masterpieces or manipulates powerful and strong objects into something fragile yet beautiful. By blending two genres from completely different worlds, his art is about rediscovery, taking things from the past and renewing them for the contemporary market.


A self-taught artist from Manchester, England who comes from a background of art and music.

My main passion growing up was playing drums which led me to being the drummer for UK rock band Heaven’s Basement for 10 years, my time during this band took me on tour all around the world,  I never really thought I would do anything else.

It was during a four-month tour of the U.S in late 2013 I decided to sketch on one of my used drumheads after a show using some sharpie pens.  This then happened night after night on tour and ideas about artwork started flooding my mind and I was hooked.

In late 2016 I decided to step away from the music business and commit to putting all my energy into my paintings, by which time I’d become completely obsessed with.


Radan Cicen is a London-based artist.
After attending fine art school in Istanbul she moved to London to study interior design and technology where her new surroundings had an impact on her to paint and design.
Her background in design, people around her and the nature of life influenced her painting.A majority of Radan Cicen’s work can be considered as Contemporary portraiture but she doesn’t limit her work to one topic alone and works on figurative, abstract, landscape and various scale of oil and mix technique paintings. Her background in design also influenced her method of painting and made her more creative for new ideas.


Mike has an unparalleled ability to capture the essence and sense of a space, depicting the ambiance we have created and the sense of design. Each of our schemes (unless clients request no photographs) is documented by Mike to capture the individual elements and their collective form.


Lee is a contemporary painter specialising in colourful, textured and abstracted landscapes. Lee was born in Sunderland, in the North East of England and has always had a creative streak. After excelling in Art throughout his early education he went on to study Fine Art at the University of Chester.

Lee’s contemporary abstract landscapes are colourful, textured and full of life. They’re inspired by his every day, normal life! Things you and I wouldn’t notice… Lee draws inspiration from. Countryside strolls, posters, textiles, sunsets, transport, the list goes on.


Mixed Media British Artist Mark Davies was born in Bedfordshire in 1978 and studied Fine Art within the region with his early works being inspired by the compositional qualities of Piero Della Francesca and Giuseppe Arcimboldo whilst finding inspiration in the surrealism of Salvador Dali. Now living in St Neots Mark works full-time as a professional artist from his beautiful converted brick barn studio within the Cambridgeshire countryside.
Mark’s now signature ‘Storyteller’ collection showcases his ability to conceive and implement his own narrative to cherished fairytales and classic fictional stories to stunning effect. Inspired by the eloquence of Hans Christian Andersen and ingenuity of the Grimm Brothers, a whole host of much-loved stories have been turned on their head with each chapter being re-written as Mark embraces the often much more sinister plot and motives of the original authors that most don’t know exists as these classics are re-told to generation after generation.